1. One must be a Roman Catholic validly baptized with the traditional Latin ceremony.  Therefore, if you have been baptized in the new English Rite (since May 5, 1969), it is necessary to bring this to the attention of the priest.

2. Be in the state of Sanctifying Grace, have made a good confession to a traditional Catholic priest.

3. One must accept and believe all traditional doctrinal and moral teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, especially as regards to marriage.  Anyone who has received a marriage annulment must bring this to the attention of the priest before receiving Holy Communion.

4. One must not attend Mass nor receive sacraments from those priests who are in communion with the "Old Catholic" sects, schismatics, or clergy who have received or trace their Holy Orders from the late Bishop Thuc.  One must reject the pernicious errors of Fr. Leonard Feeney and that of "Feeneyism."

5. One should be fasting for three hours from solid food and alcoholic beverages and one hour from liquids other than water.  Water and true medicine may be taken at any time; it does not break the fast.  Those who are able to do so, are encouraged to fast from midnight before receiving Communion at Mass in the morning. 

6. One must assist exclusively at the traditional Latin Mass and not the Indult Mass.

7. One must observe the dress code.