According to Apostolic Tradition, and out of respect for Our Lord's presence in the Blessed Sacrament, the faithful must dress modestly while in the church and assisting at Holy Mass.  Hence, please observe the following rules:

Women and girls must wear a modest dress and cover their heads with either a hat or chapel veil.  Short skirts which are above the knees, revealing blouses (such as low cut, sleeveless, or see-through), slacks and shorts of any length do not meet the norms of Christian modesty.

Men and boys should be wearing neat trousers, a coat, jacket, or a dress sweater, and tie.  Jeans, shorts, open shirts, sneakers, and other such casual dress are inappropriate and do not meet the norms of Christian modesty.

Please be advised that the priest reserves the right to refuse Holy Communion to anyone that he, whom in his prudent judgment, does not meet the requirements of the Rules for Receiving Holy Communion and Dress Code as stated above.